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About RateBeer Best

RateBeer Best began in 2002 in RateBeer's second year as a web site to the humble sound of crickets and the media attention of one or two personal blogs. In just a few years though, RateBeer Best awards attracted international attention, helped create market-changing demand and attracted media attention from CNN and the Associated Press. Since then, RateBeer Best and has evolved into the brewing industry's premier and most influential international awards program.

Typically released annually in an exciting, weeklong series of online announcements on the RateBeer web site, 2016 marks the first time that the world's largest beer competition combines those announcements with a live awards show. The awards ceremony is followed the next day by a beer festival involving 40 highest-tier representative brewers from 11 different brewing countries. While more great brewers would have liked to participate, caps were made to preserve the event's human-scale feel.

This year's program also marks the first time that RateBeer's twice yearly community-organized get together, RateBeer Gathering, is hosted by RateBeer. RateBeer Winter Gathering and RateBeer Summer Gathering have been produced for many years by enthusiastic members of the RateBeer community and take place in North America, Europe and occasionally in East Asia.

RateBeer Best is produced by Fat Dogg Productions/NorCal Beer Geeks with the support of the Santa Rosa Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Santa Rosa Chamber Of Commerce, and raises funds for Sonoma County local charity, Ales For Autism. Additional support for weeklong local events is provided by RateBeer volunteers.

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