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RateBeer Winter Gathering

RateBeer Winter Gathering 2016 marks the first time that RateBeer, the company, actively planned one of the community's twice-annual potlatches. RateBeer Gatherings are created as opportunities for members of the site to visit cities renowned for their beer cultures, to come together as a group socially and to share noteworthy beers from around the world. This year, the Gathering is built around the RateBeer Best Awards Ceremony and Beer Festival with a series of weekly social and tour events to bridge the gap to area powerhouse events like the Double IPA Fest at the Bistro in Hayward, the annual Pliny The Younger release at Russian River Brewing and the Sour Sunday festival at Triple Rock in Berkeley.

Organization is being headed up by past RateBeer Gathering organizers, Peter Hale and Adam Galvan.

This time, RateBeer Winter Gathering events will include a post awards bottle share, tours of Sonoma County breweries, excursions to San Francisco, and visits for locally crafted artisanal wines, meads, ciders and cheeses.

Local beer enthusiasts are encouraged to join these community outreach events.

More information

More details including event times and dates, itineraries, and costs will be made available in the weeks and months prior to RateBeer Best. Stay in touch. You won't want to miss these incredible events.

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