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Volunteer Form

Thanks so much for your interest in helping make RateBeer Best a comfortable, safe and well-run world class event. This is a very important event for our town, our brewers, our charity -- Ales For Autism, and RateBeer. We are glad you're here to help. To pitch in, just fill out the form below and our volunteer coordinator will receive your info. All candidates will be carefully considered. Please be sure your contact info is added accurately.

If you haven't read about what volunteer opportunities are available, you can find that information here

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The Volunteer Pledge

All volunteers promise to adhere to the following very important tenets
  1. To be kind and courteous at all times
  2. To avoid excessive drinking by ourselves and those we serve
  3. To be a hero to those who need our help
  4. To be punctual and available on the dates I agree
  5. To look out for potential safety issues and alert the right people if there's a problem
  6. To have some fun. This is a beer festival!
This is serious stuff folks! Volunteers who do not abide by The Pledge may be denied participation in future events and/or may be asked to leave the event.

Volunteer Bennies

Although the tasting glass will be offered for non-prioritized sampling, we're sure you'll be happy with what's available.

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I can receive texts at this number

I have read and agree to the Volunteer Pledge and have verified all the above info as accurate

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